The premise of Adam Hanney's forthcoming LP “12/12″ is simple: One song, each month, for one year.

It was an exercise in songwriting that turned into a 3 year process of writing, recording, and learning. Since it's simple inception at the beginning of 2012, the album has been put through it's paces time and time again. Starting with the pressure of delivering a concise piece of music every 30 days, then later moving on to the daunting task of developing each song past their basic acoustic guitar and vocal beginnings into flesh-out, full-band affairs. 

Described by CBC Radio 3's Grant Lawrence as "uptempo, triumphant, nerdy indie rock anthems," and by Exclaim! as "fast-paced and adept at finding the balance between rock riffs and synth-driven pop melodies," "12/12" touches on youthful indie rock, searing alt-country, eerie synth pop, traditional RnB ballads, and contemporary singer-songwriter pieces, all while documenting a year-in-the-life of the then 18-year-old songwriter.

With the addition & accompaniment of his band Co., the now 22-year-old singer-songwriter is set to release his first full-length album March 3rd, 2016.